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Use Git to clone the sample project:

git clone https://github.com/PolymerLabs/start-lit-element.git

The project is configured, ready to serve and build right away.


  1. Go to the start-lit-element folder:

    bash cd start-lit-element

  2. Install the project's dependencies:

    bash npm install

  3. Serve the project locally:

    bash polymer serve

    The Polymer CLI dev server starts your app and tells you where you can see it:

    ``` ~/start-lit-element> polymer serve

    info: [cli.command.serve] Files in this directory are available under the following URLs applications: reusable components: ```

  4. Open the "applications" URL to view your app. In the example above, you'd open

See a demo of what the app should look like at start-lit-element.firebaseapp.com.


  1. Go to your root project folder:

    bash cd start-lit-element

  2. Use Polymer CLI to build your project:

    bash polymer build

  3. Serve the built project locally:

    bash polymer serve build/default

You can deploy the built project on any web server. See the Sample project README for instructions on deploying to Firebase. See a demo of the sample app deployed on Firebase at start-lit-element.firebaseapp.com.