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Customize when updates should happen

Customize which property changes should cause an update

Implement shouldUpdate:

shouldUpdate(changedProps) {
  return changedProps.has('prop1');

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Customize what constitutes a property change

Specify hasChanged for the property:

static get properties(){ return {
  myProp: {
    type: Number,
    /* Only consider myProp to have changed if newVal > oldVal */
    hasChanged(newVal, oldVal) {
      return newVal > oldVal;

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Manage property changes and updates for object subproperties

Mutations (changes to object subproperties and array items) are not observable. Instead, either rewrite the whole object, or call requestUpdate after a mutation.

// Option 1: Rewrite whole object, triggering an update
this.prop1 = Object.assign({}, this.prop1, { subProp: 'data' });

// Option 2: Mutate a subproperty, then call requestUpdate
this.prop1.subProp = 'data';

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Update in response to something that isn't a property change

Call requestUpdate:

// Request an update in response to an event
this.addEventListener('load-complete', async (e) => {
  console.log(await this.requestUpdate());

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Request an update

Request an update regardless of property changes

Call requestUpdate():


Request an update for a specific property

Call requestUpdate(propName, oldValue):

let oldValue = this.prop1;
this.prop1 = 'new value';
this.requestUpdate('prop1', oldValue);

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Respond to an update

Do something after the first update

Implement firstUpdated:

firstUpdated(changedProps) {

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Do something after every update

Implement updated:

updated(changedProps) {

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Do something when the element next updates

Await the updateComplete promise:

await updateComplete;
// do stuff
updateComplete.then(() => {
  // do stuff

Wait for an element to finish updating

Await the updateComplete promise:

let done = await updateComplete;
updateComplete.then(() => {
  // finished updating

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